The gate is open at 7 am and closed at 10 pm daily 

Office Hours: 9 am – 8 pm
Check-in: 1 pm  * Early check in (before 1 pm, $10 fee applies)
Check-out: 11 am

* For an extended stay, please contact the office before 11 am to check on site availability. A day rate of $10.00 applies with checkout no later than 3 pm. After 3 pm overnight charges will apply


*Maximum 2-week stay

• Office sales (firewood, ice…): 11 am – 7 pm
Wi-Fi Network: #Telus, ShawGo, ShawOpen
RATES: The rates for each site are per sleeping unit for one family (2 adults + children) or up to 4 adults; additional people have an extra charge. – Refunds are not provided for early departures.

  • Non-Service $30.00
  • 15 AMP + Water $35.00
  • 30 AMP + Water $40.00
  • 50 AMP + Water $45.00 (limited sites)
  • 30 AMP + Water + Sewer $50.00 (1 site only)
  • One Rustic Cabin $50.00 – 2-day cabin rental minimum
  • Two Larger Rustic Cabins $70.00 – 2-day cabin rental minimum
  • There is a $25.00 extra charge for pets in the cabins (maximum 2);

NOTE: One RV or tent per campsite, any additional units pay an additional full rate per day and must be approved by the office. Only one vehicle will be permitted in your site, any extra ones, as well as boats, will have to be approved by the office and parked at all times at the visitor’s parking area. Boats/utility trailers’ fee is $5.00 / night.

VISITORS: Registered campers are responsible for the conduct of their guests. The camping guidelines are for everyone’s enjoyment of the facilities. All visitors must park in the visitor’s parking area by the blue bins and must leave by 10:00 pm.

QUIET TIME: 10 pm Absolutely no music or loud talking past this time. Please use consideration when using sound systems during the day as well.  Rowdy or rude conduct is NOT tolerated and will result in you being asked to leave, after the first notice the police will be called.  Please respect your neighbors.

GENERATORS: May be used between 10 am and 6 pm.

CHILDREN: Bike riding is encouraged within the campground but it is unsafe to ride around the office area. NO unsupervised children in the playground, use it at your own risk.

PETS: Please have your pet under close control at all times. There are baggies available for their droppings, please pick up after your pet and dispose in garbage.

GARBAGE/RETURNABLES: Blue Garbage bins are centrally located near the Loggers Pole for your use. Returnables (empties) should be put into the proper bins near the garbage. Cardboard only in the green bin. Please leave your campsite tidy upon leaving

FIRE PIT RINGS: Firewood is available at $5.00 per plastic carton until 7 pm.

  • All campfires must be built within the fire pit ring and must be out by 11pm.
  • Please, do not move the fire rings or use them as garbage cans.
  • Please, do not burn garbage and construction material.
  • Please, do not leave fires unattended.
  • When the fire authority informs us of a fire ban we will let all campers know.

PICNIC TABLES: To remain at your site.

• Walk on the pathways and roadways instead of shortcuts through campsites; please respect others;
• Do not remove, cut or damage in any way – trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. in the campground; 

The campground reserves the right to charge for incidentals ie. excessive littering at your campsite, dumping of construction materials, failure to pick up your dog droppings, damage to the landscaping… charges are not limited to the above.

Use of the campground constitutes acceptance of this agreement.

On behalf of the Sooke Community Association we hope you enjoy your stay.

Suggestions from campers for camp improvements gratefully accepted, place in green box outside office door.